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STM32 Programming via USB (DFU) - Phil's Lab #72

How to flash firmware via USB to STM32 devices via DFU (device firmware upgrade) and STM32 Cube Programmer. This way you do not need an ST-Link or similar programmer to flash firmware - however, you cannot set breakpoints, debug, and so on.
Note: this is only supported on certain STM32 microcontrollers (check the datasheet!).
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:43JLCPCB and Git Repo
  • 01:08STM32 DFU Overview
  • 01:58Test Firmware
  • 02:38Generating Binaries
  • 03:19STM32CubeProgrammer and Flashing (BOOT0=1)
  • 04:37Run Mode (BOOT0=0)