Connecting practical knowledge with real-life problems since 2013

FEDEVEL courses connect practical knowledge with real-life problems faced in the world of embedded systems. The lessons are created by experts in the field with decades of experience. Upon finishing the course you will receive a certificate to help you stand out in the professional.

If you need training for your employees, FEDEVEL's online courses can be a valuable educational tool for your company. Our instructors will share their know-how so you can learn fast and avoid common mistakes.

|Transform your design ideas into reality|

Why you can trust us

FEDEVEL was founded in 2013 by Robert Feranec. Ever since, Robert and his partners have been dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the world. They've created well-known online courses, YouTube tutorials and various resources, all of which have proven immensely helpful to numerous students and companies across the globe.

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Experienced Instructors

Inspiring constructors and designers

"I do many things because there's a simpler way to do them, to make them better, or to do them more efficiently. But many people don't realize how easy it is or don't know how to do it.

In the end, all that's needed is to show them "how-to." Students can practice each step or specific steps in the courses to feel more confident in their abilities and skills.

I want to guide students and teach them the basics so they can gain some experience and improve upon it later."

Robert Feranec


Inspiring you to trust your own design ideas

At FEDEVEL, we believe that limitations are only in your mind. That's why we've created an educational platform to help you turn your design ideas into reality.

With our extensive experience and guidance, all obstacles between your imagination and the final product will be removed.

FEDEVEL believes practice makes experts



FEDEVEL's vast experience and practical knowledge will help you trust your technical skills.



FEDEVEL shares its extensive experience and helps students develop their own knowledge and skills.



FEDEVEL's instructors have many years of experience and can teach you how to turn your design ideas into reality.

Our vision

FEDEVEL is known around the world as a brand in technical education.

We are creating a trusted educational platform that connects skilled instructors from all over the world with students who want to turn their design ideas into reality. At FEDEVEL, we believe in the motto "You can do it if you learn it!"

Our mission

FEDEVEL's 'how-to' principle helps instructors show developers, designers, and engineers how to solve real-world problems, enabling them to build their own knowledge as they learn.

With our experience, tools, and expert guidance, you can bring any design ideas in your mind to life.

Get to know our highly experienced instructors

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who are eager to share their long-time experience, and show their know-how in a practical, comprehensive way. Get to know their stories below.

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