Philip Salmony

With a diverse skill set, Philip's areas of specialization span from high-speed, mixed-signal electronics for industrial drones to cutting-edge audio electronics. He is also a sought-after industrial consultant and content creator for Altium. Philip holds a degree in Electronics and Control Systems Engineering from the University of Cambridge, England, and is certified by IPC CID+, demonstrating his expertise in the industry.

His identity is greatly shaped by his renowned YouTube channel, Phil's Lab. As an experienced hardware and PCB design consultant, Philip uses his channel as a platform to share educational engineering content, covering topics such as PCB design, electronics, and real-time digital signal processing.

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Mixed-Signal Hardware Design with KiCad

Instructor:Philip Salmony

In this course, you'll learn how to design a complete, embedded, mixed-signal product from scratch - all the w...


Advanced Digital Hardware Design

Instructor:Philip Salmony

Learn how to design your own advanced hardware featuring FPGAs/SoCs/CPUs, high-speed memory and peripherals.

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