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NOT in the Copper! 3D Animation of a Signal Through a VIA | Yuriy Shlepnev

Watch this animation to understand better how a signal is lost when travelling through a VIA.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:14Example 1: Single ended, no stitching VIA
  • 06:08Example 2: Single ended, 1 stitching VIA
  • 10:17Example 3: Single ended, 2 and 6 stitching VIAs
  • 12:43VIA Analyzer – How far we can place stitching VIAs and how many we need
  • 16:50Post layout analyzes
  • 21:14Changing VIA impedance
  • 32:45Example 4: Differential pair, no stitching VIA
  • 36:10Example 5: Differential pair, 2 stitching VIAs
  • 48:181x VIA + 1x stitching VIA return current
  • 55:20About the software we were using + Prices