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Switching Regulator Component Selection & Sizing - Phil's Lab #71

How to determine and calculate appropriate component values for a switching regulator (buck converter in this example). Including sizing of input/output capacitors, inductor, rectifier diode, and feedback network.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:51Buck Converter Overview
  • 03:32Requirements Specification
  • 04:16Distributor Part Search
  • 05:54Maximum Switching Current
  • 08:52Inductor Selection
  • 10:08Effect of Switcher Parametsr on Inductor Size
  • 11:54Diode Selection
  • 12:36Input/Output Capacitor Selection
  • 13:58Feedback Network
  • 15:18Effect of Feedback Network Tolerance on Output Voltage
  • 16:00Schematic Implementation