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STM32 PCB Design - Complete Walkthrough - Altium Designer & JLCPCB - Phil's Lab #41

Entire step-by-step PCB design process going through the schematic, layout, and routing of a ´barebones´ STM32F4-based PCB including USB, a sensor, GPIO header, and small power supply circuitry in Altium Designer. All the way from schematic creation, through to four-layer PCB layout and routing, as well as sending it off for manufacture and assembly via JLCPCB.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:55Part Selection
  • 05:47Project Creation, Schematic Creation, Libraries
  • 09:41STM32 Circuitry (STM32F411)
  • 29:36Sensor Circuitry (MPU-6050)
  • 40:49USB and Power Supply Circuitry
  • 52:33STM32 Pinout with STM32CubeIDE
  • 1:05:31SWD Circuitry
  • 1:10:23Annotating Schematic
  • 1:11:30Cleaning Up Schematic
  • 1:15:03Electrical Rules Check (ERC)
  • 1:16:17Design Rules and Manufacturer Capabilities
  • 1:17:10Layer Stackup and Controlled Impedance Traces
  • 1:20:00Rough Layout and Component Placement
  • 1:25:36STM32 Layout
  • 1:41:25Sensor Layout
  • 1:45:05USB and Power Supply Layout
  • 1:49:25Mounting Holes
  • 1:51:20Board Outline
  • 1:53:41Refining Component Layout
  • 1:55:19Routing
  • 2:16:39Internal Layers (Ground Planes)
  • 2:19:20Ground Vias
  • 2:21:15Power Routing (+3V3)
  • 2:30:39Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • 2:33:36Silkscreen (Text and Logo)
  • 2:35:49Tooling Holes
  • 2:36:40Gerber Files
  • 2:41:40Footprint Position (Pick and Place) File
  • 2:42:59Bill of Materials (BOM) File
  • 2:44:50Ordering at JLCPCB