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Learn To Fix EMC Problem Easily And In Your Lab – Troubleshooting Radiated Emissions | Min Zhang

Troubleshooting EMC problem can be done directly in your lab before going into an EMC test house. Practical example in this video – fixing Radiated Emission issue of a Flyback Power supply.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 02:27EMC pre-compliance setup in your lab
  • 12:14The first steps to try after seeing EMC problems
  • 13:15Shorter cable and why it influences EMC results
  • 18:44Adding a ferrite on the cable
  • 23:32What causes radiation
  • 27:18Flyback Converter / SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)
  • 29:26Using TEM Cell for EMC troubleshooting
  • 33:04Benchmark test with TEM Cell
  • 35:02Improving input capacitors
  • 43:20Shielding transformer
  • 46:24Adding Y-capacitors, low voltage capacitors
  • 49:21Analyzing the power supply circuit
  • 54:30Finally finding and fixing the source of the EMC problem
  • 57:59THE BIG FIX
  • 1:06:11Adding shield again, adding capacitors
  • 1:12:13The results after the fix
  • 1:13:09FIXED!