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Many EMC Tips to Help You Design Better PCB Boards (with Keith Armstrong)

Answering the questions about EMC that HW engineers often ask when they are designing boards. About EMC and simulators, heatsinks, shielding, filtering, mounting holes, stacked PCBs, guard rings and more …
  • 00:00What this video is going to be about
  • 01:22EMC Simulation: Ansoft, SIWAVE, Ansys
  • 09:04Choosing and placing decoupling capacitors
  • 12:30EMC Simulation: Keysight ADS
  • 13:37EMC Simulation: CST
  • 17:34EMC & Chips: Ground bounce
  • 19:02Video with Eric Bogatin about ground bounce
  • 22:59Filtering inputs and outputs
  • 27:51EMC and Heatsink
  • 37:24Shielding & Filtering: A board with long cables
  • 47:52How to connect mounting holes
  • 49:59Stacked boards & EMC
  • 1:05:11Board Level Shielding
  • 1:13:22How to connect shielded connectors to enclosure
  • 1:26:40Placing two boards back to back (front to front) together
  • 1:29:17Guard ring around PCB
  • 1:36:48EMC and PCB board edge
  • 1:43:03Guard ring: VIA wall vs Edge plating
  • 1:45:00Guard ring and Shielded connectors - How to connect them