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STM32 Fast Fourier Transform (CMSIS DSP FFT) - Phil's Lab #111

How to implement a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) on an embedded system (STM32 microcontroller + CODEC) using ARM´s CMSIS library. Full walkthrough and demo of a peak frequency detector.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:56Previous Videos
  • 02:27FFT Basics
  • 03:04CMSIS Libraries
  • 04:24Adding Libraries to CubeIDE
  • 06:06Basic Code Structure
  • 07:12Including arm_math.h
  • 07:43ARM FFT Function Overview
  • 09:04FFT Variables & Defines
  • 09:56Initialising FFT
  • 10:14Processing Callback (Fill Buffer, Compute FFT)
  • 12:32Peak Frequency Detector
  • 13:26FFT Complex Result
  • 14:27Computing Magnitude
  • 15:10Frequency Bins
  • 17:15Data via USB
  • 17:38Test Set-Up
  • 18:10Live Demo
  • 19:43Outro