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Which Capacitors To Use ... X5R, Y5V, NPO, X7R ? Or Something Else?

When designing boards, this is what you need to know about capacitors. Thank you very much Ron Demcko.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:55DC and AC Bias
  • 05:43Properties of different dielectrics
  • 07:25Ceramic capacitor classes
  • 12:33Aging and temperature instability
  • 14:30Relationship between characteristics and voltage
  • 17:05Ceramic capacitors flexing/breaking
  • 20:30Flexiterm vs Standard
  • 24:50What influences inductance
  • 28:48Trends in ceramics
  • 39:05Stacked capacitors
  • 40:50Radial vs stacked capacitors
  • 47:01Why use non-ceramic capacitors
  • 48:11Film capacitors
  • 55:38Thin film capacitors
  • 1:00:20Super capacitors
  • 1:13:16Tantalum capacitors
  • 1:16:32When is low ESR important
  • 1:20:49What capacitors to use when