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How To Connect Altium With a Mechanical CAD Software? Here is an example ...

This video explains how Altium can be used with a CAD software. Thank you very much Nikolai Nyrkov

Using: Altium Designer + MCAD CoDesigner + FUSION 360
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:12Importing board from Altium to Fusion 360
  • 16:08Components library
  • 19:12Copper / Tracks in 3D model
  • 22:19Designing the bottom part of enclosure
  • 27:17Creating stand off
  • 30:13Adding holes for enclosure
  • 32:59Board shape / outline modification
  • 33:55Moving mounting hole
  • 36:06Importing Fusion 360 3D model to Altium
  • 46:12Designing the top part of enclosure
  • 54:42Importing changes from Altium to Fusion 360