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PCB High-Speed Delay Matching - Phil's Lab #110

Tips on PCB trace delay matching/tuning for high-speed interfaces. Covering basics, microstrip/stripline, differential pairs, timing margins, and practical tips.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:54Courses
  • 02:08Delay Matching Basics
  • 03:29Outer vs Inner Layer
  • 05:50Delay Calculator
  • 06:30Timing Margins
  • 07:15DDR Skew Spec & Derating
  • 08:40Same Layer/Transition Routing
  • 11:25Delay Tuning Example (Single-Ended)
  • 13:55Differential Pairs
  • 15:29Intra-Pair Tuning Example
  • 16:16Additional Tips
  • 17:57Package Delays
  • 18:55Outro