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Machine Learning Explained + Example: Arduino and Hand Gesture Recognition | Shawn Hymel

Explained how machine learning works. Thank you very much Shawn.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:56Unsupervised and Supervised learning
  • 05:33How to imagine the model
  • 09:16Parameters
  • 12:36Reinforcement learning
  • 16:13Embedded machine learning
  • 30:36Example: Collecting data
  • 41:12Example: Processing data
  • 48:36Starting training
  • 48:48How does it learn
  • 1:09:22Convolutional neural network
  • 1:23:27Going through learning results and output
  • 1:29:55Running our model on Arduino
  • 1:37:03The result