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Microcontroller on FPGA (Microblaze, UART, GPIO) - Phil's Lab #108

How to implement a soft-core microcontroller (AMD/Xilinx Microblaze) and peripherals (UART, GPIO) on an FPGA. From project creation, system generation in Vivado, Vitis set-up, to live demos. Featuring a custom AMD/Xilinx Spartan 7-based audio processing PCB.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:55Hardware Design Course
  • 02:12Microblaze Basics
  • 04:18Hardware Block Diagram
  • 06:25Vivado Project Set-Up
  • 07:18Constraints
  • 11:30Microblaze Block Design
  • 12:40Clocking Wizard IP
  • 13:54UART IP
  • 15:27GPIO IP
  • 16:16Reset Signal
  • 17:29Bitstream Generation
  • 18:30Exporting Hardware (XSA)
  • 19:05Vitis IDE
  • 19:24Vitis Project Set-Up
  • 20:07UART Hello World Test
  • 21:50GPIO LED Test
  • 23:45Outro