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How To Simulate PCB in Open Source Software

A step by step tutorial to setup PDN simulation using open source software and much more. Thank you very much Lukas.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 02:44What we can do in open source free simulators
  • 09:34Elmer software
  • 13:43Practical example: Simulating voltage drop in PCB layout
  • 16:04Exporting your PCB
  • 20:09Converting DXF to STEP
  • 32:46Converting STEP to MESH and to UNV
  • 50:48Simulating - setup
  • 1:03:34Running simulation
  • 1:08:06View results - open VTU in ParaView
  • 1:09:44Results: Voltage drop
  • 1:14:00Results: Current flow
  • 1:17:34PDN simulation in Altium
  • 1:21:37Comparing Open source vs Paid simulator results
  • 1:24:28Comparing simulation results with real measurement
  • 1:31:49Simulation on the top of simulation
  • 1:35:14Other simulators and tools
  • 1:39:54Open source laptop project
  • 1:47:00About PCB Arts
  • 1:49:23Vapor phase soldering