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FPGA Design Tutorial (Verilog, Simulation, Implementation) - Phil's Lab #109

How to write simple HDL blocks (LED blink example), combine with IP blocks, create testbenches & run simulations, flash bitstreams, and configure non-volatile memory. All the way from project creation to real-world demos. Featuring a custom AMD/Xilinx Spartan 7-based audio processing PCB.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:43Hardware Design Course
  • 02:01System Overview
  • 03:54Vivado & Previous Video
  • 04:13Project Creation
  • 05:13Verilog Module Creation
  • 07:24(Binary) Counter
  • 08:45Blinky Verilog
  • 12:03Testbench
  • 15:39Simulation
  • 18:26Integrating IP Blocks
  • 21:01Constraints
  • 22:39Block Design HDL Wrapper
  • 23:02Generate Bitstream
  • 23:22Program Device (Volatile)
  • 24:10Blinky Demo
  • 25:03Program Flash Memory (Non-Volatile)
  • 27:32Boot from Flash Memory Demo
  • 28:07Outro