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Headphone Amplifier Design | NE5532, KiCAD, Baxandall Volume Control - Phil's Lab #24

Massively parallel NE5532 op-amp (44 in total!) low-noise, low-distortion headphone amplifier design (single DC rail). Going through all design considerations from power supply, input buffers, voltage amplification stage (using Baxandall volume control), through to output section.
  • 00:00Intro
  • 01:09Overview
  • 01:43Block Diagram
  • 02:44Core Design Principles
  • 03:24Spice Simulation Results
  • 04:18JLCPCB and My Website
  • 04:48Power Supply (LM317, Bias Generators, Single-Rail)
  • 07:02Input Buffer (Filters, Parallel Op-Amps, Biasing)
  • 08:30Voltage Amplification Stage (Baxandall Volume Control)
  • 13:21Output Stage (Massively Parallel Op-Amps)
  • 14:57PCB (KiCAD)
  • 15:50Enclosure
  • 16:41Douglas Self NE5532 OpAmplifier and Small-Signal Book