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Tutorial #2: Drawing Schematic PIC16 Microcontroller + Accelerometer ( EasyEDA )

A Step by Step tutorial to help anyone to learn how to design and build a simple microcontroller board. This Part 2 is about how to draw a schematic for PIC Microcontroller and KXTJ3 Accelerometer.
  • 00:00Adding connectors for RGB LED
  • 04:25Connecting LED to a Microcontroller
  • 09:54Connecting Accelerometer
  • 19:43Connecting I2C Accelerometer to MCU
  • 29:30Connecting Interrupt to MCU
  • 32:43Add support for MCU Debugging
  • 43:43Connecting a Button to MCU
  • 50:39Connecting MCU power
  • 56:46Adding I2C header
  • 1:00:01Annotating Schematic
  • 1:04:02Mark unconnected pins
  • 1:04:45Importing Schematic to PCB