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Tutorial #1: How to Design and Build Your Own Board – Simply and Easily

A Step by Step tutorial to help anyone to learn how to design and build a simple microcontroller board – even if you have never designed any boards before and you do not know much about electronics. This Part 1 is about how to draw a schematic for power and LED.
  • 00:00About this tutorial
  • 03:20Starting a new project
  • 05:36Choosing & Placing RGB LED
  • 11:47Choosing & Placing Accelerometer
  • 16:25Choosing & Placing Button
  • 18:02Choosing & Placing Microcontroller
  • 23:13Choosing & Placing Power supply
  • 25:22Choosing & Placing 10uF capacitor
  • 27:08Connecting Power supply
  • 29:37Choosing & Placing Battery connector
  • 31:51Adding micro USB circuit
  • 42:25Choosing & Placing Diode
  • 51:20Choosing & Placing Power LED
  • 57:26How to calculate LED resistor
  • 1:04:10Choosing & Placing MOSFET Transistor