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FPGA/SoC Board Bring-Up - QSPI (Zynq Part 3) - Phil's Lab #98

How to configure the QSPI Flash memory interface and create first-stage bootloader (FSBL) to automatically program a Xilinx/AMD Zynq system-on-chip on custom hardware. Schematic and hardware walkthrough, Vivado and Vitis configuration, and test.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:51Previous Videos
  • 01:30Schematic
  • 02:45Memory Choice (UG908)
  • 03:53PCB & Bootmode Pins
  • 04:58First-Stage Boot Loader (FSBL) Overview
  • 05:39Vivado Set-Up
  • 06:57Vitis FSBL & Boot Image
  • 07:49Vitis Hello World Application & Boot Image
  • 09:14Hardware Connection
  • 09:53Program Flash
  • 11:44Bootmode Selection (QSPI)
  • 12:17UART Hello World Test
  • 12:26Summary & What´s Next
  • 13:08Outro