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Explained How Chips Are Designed

From chip schematic, through libraries, chip layout, packaging, simulation and more. Explained by Joren Vaes. Thank you Joren.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:45Difference between analogue and digital chip design
  • 05:49Schematic of a chip, libraries, PDK
  • 09:16Simulation of a chip
  • 12:16Software used to design a chip
  • 15:35Price: How much does it cost to manufacture a custom chip
  • 17:12How to learn chip design
  • 19:03Doing layout of a chip
  • 22:37Parasitic extraction
  • 24:11Design rules
  • 28:29Layers in chip design
  • 29:47NMOS / PMOS transistor
  • 39:58Package design for a chip
  • 46:26Nanometers technologies - what does it mean?
  • 48:17What is FinFET and why it exists?
  • 53:58How many people design a chip?
  • 56:36Joren's chip
  • 1:02:52Why to design ASIC
  • 1:06:39CMOS vs Bipolar
  • 1:10:47Making resistors in a chip
  • 1:14:05Making capacitors in a chip
  • 1:14:49Thickness of metal layers
  • 1:18:04Parameters of a transistor
  • 1:22:07THz chip example
  • 1:27:29Making perfect chips from imperfect components
  • 1:32:56ESD protection in chips