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Tutorial – How To Fully Control ESP32 Over Internet

A step by step tutorial where you create a code to control your ESP32 over the Internet (including firmware update over Internet). Explained by Mike Szczys. Thank you Mike.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:47Setup tools and Download code
  • 17:36Compiling / Building / Flashing
  • 20:01Setup / Start / Connect
  • 35:49Adding our own code
  • 41:10What is Real Time OS for Microcontrollers
  • 51:42Updating ESP32 variables over Internet
  • 59:04Updating ESP32 firmware over Internet ( OTA )
  • 1:09:06Mike's projects
  • 1:21:22Calling a function running on ESP32 over Internet
  • 1:28:50Displaying / Plotting ESP32 data in a graph
  • 1:37:23Using API to talk to ESP32