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FPGA/SoC Board Bring-Up - DDR3 (Zynq Part 2) - Phil's Lab #97

How to configure and test DDR3 memory on custom Zynq-based hardware. Showing hardware set-up, fly-by routing strategy, Vivado and Vitis configuration, as well as memory area and eye diagram tests.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:40Previous Video
  • 02:25DDR3 Hardware Design Overview
  • 06:19Vivado DDR3 Configuration (Datasheet)
  • 13:15Vivado Training/Board Details (PCB Delays)
  • 17:46Export Hardware (XSA)
  • 18:24Vitis DRAM Test Set-Up
  • 19:52Hardware Connection
  • 20:08Memory Address Space Test
  • 22:26Eye Diagram Tests
  • 24:29Summary & What´s Next
  • 25:22Outro