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What Decoupling Capacitor Value To Use And Where To Place Them | Eric Bogatin

Practical examples to show what decoupling capacitors do. Explained by Eric Bogatin. Thank you Eric.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 02:06The schematic
  • 14:44The board / circuit
  • 22:03Example: Long rise time
  • 26:482us rise time, no decoupling capacitor
  • 29:46Fast rise time, no decoupling cap
  • 34:01Fast rise time, moving probe
  • 35:32Estimating decoupling capacitor value
  • 38:491000uF close to circuit
  • 41:421000uF far from the circuit
  • 43:371uF close to the circuit
  • 46:24Where to place decoupling capacitor
  • 48:381 vs 2 capacitors
  • 50:04Sometimes more is better
  • 54:18Conclusion
  • 55:49Why 100nF capacitor?
  • 1:01:43Why PDN Graph?