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FPGA/SoC Board Bring-Up Tutorial (Zynq Part 1) - Phil's Lab #96

How to test, configure, and program custom hardware based on AMD/Xilinx Zynq system-on-chips (SoCs) and FPGAs. Basic power-up, JTAG checks, FTDI USB-to-UART/USB-to-JTAG programming, Vivado and Vitis configuration, Zynq IP set-up, and "Hello World" UART test. Future bring-up videos will cover DDR3 memory, Ethernet, USB, and more!
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 02:02Zynq Overview
  • 03:15Custom PCB Overview
  • 07:02Custom PCB Overview (Bottom)
  • 07:50Bring-Up Procedure
  • 08:30Initial Tests (Shorts, Voltages, Oscillators)
  • 11:00Vivado & Vitis
  • 12:13Create Vivado Project
  • 13:12JTAG Connection
  • 13:40Boot Mode Settings
  • 14:27JTAG Test (Vivado Hardware Manager)
  • 15:48Read & Write Memory (Xilinx System Debugger)
  • 17:49FTDI USB-to-UART & USB-to-JTAG Flashing
  • 19:17Hello World (Zynq PS UART)
  • 20:00Create & Configure Block Design (Vivado)
  • 22:42Export Hardware (Vivado to Vitis)
  • 24:38Vitis Hello World Application
  • 28:30Summary
  • 29:38Outro