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How to Make Custom Board – Arduino Shield in 2 Hours | Full Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw schematic, do PCB layout, manufacture your board and program it.
  • 00:00Start a new project in EasyEDA
  • 04:36Add Arduino headers into schematic
  • 09:43Creating Arduino PCB with headers only
  • 17:27Connecting headers
  • 26:31Add Power LED
  • 28:15Add Servos
  • 32:09Add External Power support
  • 42:59Add MOSFET to Arduino
  • 48:23Add User LED
  • 49:59Add I2C Temperature sensor
  • 54:45Schematic annotation
  • 56:21Checking schematic
  • 58:00Component placement in PCB
  • 1:05:05Start PCB Layout: setup rules and route it
  • 1:18:16Improve Layout - Add Polygons & Planes
  • 1:29:55Add Text
  • 1:42:40Checking Finished PCB
  • 1:43:28Buying components
  • 1:58:50Ordering PCB
  • 2:01:30Building your boards
  • 2:02:45Testing User LED - Blink
  • 2:03:47Testing Temperature sensor
  • 2:06:00Testing MOSFETt
  • 2:09:11Testing Servos
  • 2:13:06Thank you