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Comb Filters & Delay Lines in Software (STM32) - Phil's Lab #124

Design your own delay-based audio algorithms with FIR comb filters and delay lines! Theory, measurements, and real-world implementation with STM32 MCUs in C.
  • 00:00Intro
  • 02:11DSP Videos
  • 02:28Delay Lines
  • 04:19DSP Hardware
  • 05:15Delay Line Implementation
  • 09:32Delay Line Demo
  • 12:01Delay Line Guitar
  • 12:22Comb Filter
  • 14:11Comb Filter Time-Domain
  • 17:19Comb Filter Frequency-Domain
  • 22:56Comb Filter Implementation
  • 24:00Comb Filter Demo
  • 26:10Comb Filter Varying Gains
  • 27:12Comb Filter Guitar
  • 28:42Outro