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How I Made My Own AR Headset | Aedan Cullen

Worried if you can design your ides? Don´t be. Even designing your own AR glasses is possible. Thank you very much Aedan Cullen
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 00:59How the development started
  • 05:21Microcontroller
  • 06:36FLASH
  • 14:50How does it work
  • 21:45Display
  • 33:21Network & Wifi
  • 35:48Antenna
  • 37:48Optics
  • 52:19Mechanics
  • 56:31How Aedan learned designing and building
  • 01:05:17If you would like to learn ...
  • 01:08:25About Aedan