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How to Measure And Calculate Board Runtime for a Single Battery Charge - ESP32 Example

Simple tips and tricks to increase battery runtime by correctly measuring currents. This video also shows power consumption of ESP32 board in different modes (deep sleep, WiFi, normal). Thank you very much Andrea Longobardi
  • 00:00The problem
  • 00:31Power profiler
  • 05:32Setup
  • 09:03Typical IoT application
  • 10:40Calculating without measurements
  • 16:52Measuring current: LED
  • 17:48ESP32 current and power consumption for 160MHz vs 80MHz
  • 19:46ESP32 current and power consumption in deep sleep mode
  • 21:48ESP32 current and power consumption when using WiFi
  • 33:34Real life application measurements
  • 35:36Battery life time calculation for a real life application with LDO
  • 41:16Battery life time calculation for a real life application with BUCK/BOOST
  • 46:37Using a GPIO to help with measurements
  • 49:42Using coulombs for calculation
  • 53:44Optimizing software to reduce power consumption
  • 57:46About Andrea does