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Z-Transform - Practical Applications - Phil's Lab #27

Covering practical applications of the Z-transform used in digital signal processing, for example, stability analysis and frequency response of discrete-time systems. Theory, C code, and implementation on a real-world embedded system (STM32 microcontroller).
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:26LittleBrain PCB
  • 01:05Altium Designer + Free Trial
  • 01:44Overview
  • 03:14How to Take Z-Transform?
  • 07:05Poles and Zeros
  • 07:57Stability Analysis
  • 10:26Example: IIR Filter Stability
  • 12:35STM32 Set-Up + Code (STM32CubeIDE)
  • 15:13Implementation - Stable Filter
  • 16:40Implementation - Unstable Filter
  • 17:54Frequency Response Analysis
  • 20:54Example: IIR Filter Frequency Response
  • 22:24Octave (Matlab Alternative) - Bode Plots
  • 23:14Z-Transform Tips (Frequency Response)
  • 23:52Implementation - Frequency Response