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Tutorial #6: Useful Steps To Do After You Receive Your Boards From Production + Some soldering tips

A Step by Step tutorial to help everyone to learn how to design and build a simple microcontroller board. This Part 6 is about checking your board and soldering down missing components.
  • 00:00Unpacking
  • 01:03Put labels on your boards
  • 06:39Do visual inspection
  • 13:28Soldering down SOT-23 Diode
  • 17:10Soldering down RGB SMT LED
  • 19:24Through hole RGB LED
  • 22:43Soldering down debug header
  • 25:29Measure resistance of power rails
  • 29:33Connecting our board to power
  • 35:23Measure voltages on the power rails
  • 37:46Measure oscillators and crystals