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What is the best Project management software?

I have read this question so many times and I will answer it. The answer is:

YOU need to figure out what project management software is best for YOU.

You don’t need to ask other people – they don’t know what you need. Their answer usually is:

  • software what they developed or sell,
  • they heard about, but they have not used
  • they use, but this doesn’t mean it fits to your needs

Therefore, my advice is: Ask google and start TESTING. The TEST must be carried out by people who will actually use the system – this is key of successful implementation.

And – keep in mind – simpler is better or am I wrong? Send me a message or leave a comment if you know someone who successfully use MS Project for planning and resource management on daily basis. I am really curious how they do it.

Ohh. I’ve almost forgot. If you are still looking for a Project managment systems you can start here – there are only 165 different solutions

PS: My personal recommendation – Start using Basecamp and see what other features you may need.

PSS: Be realistic. No software will magically solve planning and resource issues. In this case you may be looking for something else – hmm – try replace your manager.

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