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USB Headphone Amplifier Design Walkthrough - Phil's Lab #101

USB-C low-noise, low-distortion headphone amplifier design walkthrough. Update video from previous version, going through design considerations, schematics, and PCB design.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:22Previous Versions
  • 00:46Inspiration (Douglas Self)
  • 01:35Reasons for USB Headphone Amp
  • 02:11Purchase NE-XT USB (Phil´s Lab Store)
  • 03:28System-Level Overview
  • 08:41USB Interface
  • 10:42Power Supplies
  • 12:58USB Codec (PCM2900)
  • 15:33Analogue Front-End
  • 24:26Simulation Specs
  • 25:29PCB Design
  • 32:09Plug-and-Play Demo
  • 33:27Outro