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How To Do 3D Mechanical Design? It’s Easy. This Is How It Works ….

If you are starting to use or planning to use FUSION 360, watch this. This video explains the important basics and workflow and can save you a lot of time.
  • 00:00Timeline, components
  • 03:13Sketch, Dimensions
  • 07:25Constrains
  • 10:02Drawing 3D objects
  • 13:42Creating Board
  • 14:27Parameters
  • 20:30Creating Bottom lid
  • 27:57Pattern
  • 30:58Planes, Analyses
  • 35:17Mirror
  • 39:06Creating Top lid
  • 39:57Project
  • 43:49Distance To Object
  • 47:53Opening for USB connector
  • 55:13Text
  • 01:01:34Fillet
  • 01:05:59Offset Faces
  • 01:08:05Joints and movement
  • 01:12:22Appearance and rendering
  • 01:14:33Animations
  • 01:16:35Revolve, Sweep, Lift, Pipe, Hole, Thread, Coil, Scale
  • 01:19:57Move / Copy
  • 01:28:33About 3D printing