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Tutorial #3: Starting a new PCB, Placing Components, Improving Schematic

A Step by Step tutorial to help anyone to learn how to design and build a simple microcontroller board. This Part 3 is about how to start a new PCB, how to place components and what to think about when selecting an LDO regulator.
  • 00:00Set the PCB stackup
  • 00:58Define board shape
  • 01:33Placing components (Power)
  • 12:57Placing MCU, Accelerometer and RGB LED
  • 21:25Placing rest of the components
  • 31:43Finding a new LDO
  • 36:47Checking Max current for LDO
  • 59:51Replacing LDO
  • 1:10:25Replacing Debug Header
  • 1:12:14Adding series resistors
  • 1:14:06Place header and power
  • 1:17:00About LDO Power dissipation
  • 1:23:28Placing series resistors
  • 1:26:26Removing 3D models