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STM32 DMA and FreeRTOS Tutorial - Phil's Lab #14

Overview of how to set up and program DMA for STM32 microcontrollers (SPI peripheral). Additionally, how to combine the DMA code with FreeRTOS as a task scheduler.
Using STM32CubeIDE for configuration, programming, and debugging.
This video follows on from the previous ´STM32 Programming Tutorial´, which you can find on my channel.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:57Ordering Boards with Assembly from JLCPCB
  • 03:21STM32CubeIDE Overview
  • 03:50GPIO External Interrupts Set-Up
  • 05:08DMA + SPI Set-Up
  • 07:06Generated Code Overview
  • 08:24DMA SPI Read/Write (txBuf should be declared ´static´!)
  • 14:59Triggering DMA on GPIO External Interrupt
  • 16:47DMA Transfer Complete Interrupt
  • 18:53Testing DMA on Custom Hardware
  • 19:30FreeRTOS STM32CubeIDE Set-Up
  • 23:06FreeRTOS Generated Code Overview
  • 24:25FreeRTOS Tasks (LED and USB)
  • 27:35Testing FreeRTOS on Custom Hardware