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Thinking to do PCB Layout Simulations? This May Help … (with Steve Sandler)

What you are expecting may be completely different from what is happening on your PCB. Also, this video shows how you can do some simulations of your PCB and what you may learn from these simulations.
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 03:25About the board we are simulating ( Altium )
  • 06:33The board we are simulating in ADS
  • 07:58DC Analysis
  • 11:48Power plane resonances analysis ( PPR )
  • 18:27Closer look at the PCB stackup
  • 20:46SI Analysis
  • 29:19SI Analysis - Schematic
  • 30:43Analyzing the results of SI simulation
  • 40:17How to match impedance of vias
  • 47:06AC Analysis