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RF + MCU PCB Design Review - Phil's Lab #76

Design review of PCB containing an RF-capable STM32WB microcontroller, SMD antenna, USB, and various peripherals designed with KiCad. Going through schematic and PCB, giving tips and guidelines throughout.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:13´smartReflow´ Repo
  • 01:55Schematic Overview and Segmentation
  • 03:27USB C
  • 04:08MCU Pinout and WS2812B LED
  • 05:48Connectors
  • 06:11MCU SMPS
  • 06:29Power Input and LDO
  • 08:45FETs
  • 10:28MCU Boot/Oscillator
  • 12:12RF Section
  • 14:03PCB Overview
  • 15:04Stack-Up
  • 15:34MCU, Decoupling, Crystal Layout and Routing
  • 19:05RF Layout and Routing (SMD Antenna, Controlled Impedance, Stitching)
  • 23:01EEPROM
  • 23:51Via Spacing and Transfer Vias
  • 24:36USB Differential Pairs
  • 25:30Miscellaneous (Copper Pours, Silkscreen, Placement)
  • 26:33Outro