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How To Promote Your Own Tech Products? | Money, Certification, Marketing

TIPS on how to promote, fund, certificate and market your own (not only) tech products. Explained by Andre’ LaMothe
  • 00:00About this video
  • 00:29Do you need investors?
  • 04:37Do people want your product?
  • 10:31Success / fail ratio
  • 13:21Addressing a pain point
  • 14:45Lack of testing
  • 15:58A simple idea tuned into a billion dollar company
  • 23:59Selling a half finished product?
  • 27:17How to sell on Amazon
  • 30:43Does Amazon automatically help with sales?
  • 32:52Using Google ads?
  • 35:36What advertisement does work for you?
  • 39:44Marketing with a limited budged
  • 43:35Crowdfunding, Kickstarter – is it worth it to try?
  • 47:32Kickstarter
  • 55:40Do you want Kickstarter?
  • 58:31Testing
  • 1:00:16Does your product need certification?
  • 1:11:19What is a product?
  • 1:16:53How to organize manufacturing