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Real-Time Software Implementation of Analog Filters - Phil's Lab #20

Modelling analog filters, discretization, and implementation of the digitally-equivalent filters on a real-time, embedded system (STM32). Includes theory, DSP, firmware, and results.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:38JLCPCB and LittleBrain PCB
  • 01:37Overview
  • 02:48Digital Filtering Advantages
  • 03:13Going From Analog to Digital
  • 03:39Modelling Analog Filters
  • 04:17Example: RC Low-Pass Filter
  • 05:12Discretising the Filter
  • 05:54Backward Euler Method
  • 06:27RC Low-Pass Filter Difference Equation
  • 07:45Practical Tips (-3dB, Sampling Period)
  • 08:54Filter Header File
  • 09:50Filter Source File
  • 12:03Main Source File Modifications
  • 13:40Implementation Demo