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Understanding Crosstalk in PCB Layout – You may wish you knew this before (with Eric Bogatin)

The best crosstalk explanation I have ever seen. What do you think? Thank you Eric Bogatin.
  • 00:00Intro
  • 06:56Microstrip
  • 08:49Adding another signal line
  • 16:13Im wrong
  • 21:55Near and far end crosstalk
  • 26:38Higher voltage currents
  • 28:40Increasing current impedance
  • 33:18Comparing reflections
  • 35:30Frequency of ringing
  • 37:18Microstrip crosstalk
  • 38:31Derivative crosstalk
  • 39:26What is impedance value of the driver
  • 42:17Moving the traces farther apart
  • 43:35Near and crosstalk coefficient
  • 44:40Simulator
  • 45:09Field solver
  • 45:24Measuring crosstalk
  • 48:38Teledyne
  • 52:00The Scale
  • 52:33Rise Time
  • 52:49Measuring the Scope
  • 55:13Why is it a little longer
  • 56:08Nearend crosstalk
  • 56:38Termination
  • 58:53Expanding the timebase