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Real-Time Impulse Response Simulation in Software (STM32 DSP) - Phil's Lab #126

Impulse response system modelling, simulation, and real-time implementation on an STM32 microcontroller for a guitar cabinet.
  • 00:00Intro
  • 01:34Impulse Response (IR) Basics
  • 04:17Getting an IR
  • 06:03IR Audio Sample
  • 06:15Time Domain
  • 07:51Frequency Domain
  • 09:31FIR Filter
  • 11:04Truncation
  • 14:18Firmware Implementation
  • 17:18Test Set-Up
  • 17:43Measurements (Frequency Domain, IR Length)
  • 21:03Guitar Demo (Varying IR Length)
  • 21:46Guitar Demo (Guitar Rig vs Custom DSP)
  • 22:20Outro