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How to probe the silicon inside of a chip | Explained by John McMaster

Watch how we probe the silicon of a chip and do laser drilling of a silicon die. A lot of information about why and how to probe silicon. Thank you very much John McMaster.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:18Why to probe silicon?
  • 04:39How is the silicon probed? How does the probe look?
  • 09:06Probe needles
  • 10:49About probing silicon
  • 17:36How to remove package
  • 20:36Probing and broken bond wires
  • 24:12Probing to read firmware, bypassing on chip fuses
  • 29:37What microscope to use to probe chips
  • 40:21Material the probes are made from
  • 41:35How to know where to probe the silicon
  • 51:46Why / how - wafer test
  • 59:31About John and his work
  • 1:04:56More about probes
  • 1:08:46Probe cards
  • 1:12:33Wafer probers / testers
  • 1:18:26Wafer storage
  • 1:22:13Optical probing
  • 1:25:34Alignment
  • 1:28:00Wafers aren´t flat
  • 1:30:13Probe holders - Micro positioners
  • 1:37:19About extracting firmware from 80C51
  • 1:42:15Hans on micro probing class
  • 1:44:16Live chip probing
  • 1:47:55Live: Preparing the probe
  • 1:52:51Live: Putting the probe on silicon
  • 2:00:34Live: Laser drilling to silicon