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Op Amp Theory and Design - Phil's Lab #53

Operational amplifier (op amp) theory and design of a very simple op amp using discrete components (transistors, resistors, capacitors). Including content on op amp stages (difference amplifier, gain stage, output stage), bandwidth, gain-bandwidth-product (GBP), op amp performance criteria, negative feedback, and more. Final demonstrations of real-world implementation on a PCB using the Digilent Analog Discovery Pro.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:17Content
  • 01:39Op-Amp Basics
  • 02:57Open Loop View
  • 03:37Closed Loop View
  • 05:00Why is Negative Feedback Useful?
  • 07:33Negatives of Using Feedback
  • 08:07Implementation of Negative Feedback
  • 08:58Op Amp Sections
  • 10:10Design Goals
  • 10:58Difference Amplifier
  • 14:29Gain Stage
  • 16:53Simulation and Gain-Bandwidth-Product (GBP)
  • 18:28Test Circuit
  • 19:48PCB and Schematic Overview (KiCad)
  • 22:06WaveForms Overview
  • 22:49Test - Gain and Bias
  • 24:18Test - Gain-Bandwidth-Product
  • 26:04Test - Low- and High-Pass Filter
  • 27:23Test - Dominant Pole Compensation