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Tutorial OrCAD 17.4 and Cadence Allegro PCB Editor | 2022 | Step by Step | For Beginners

After this tutorial you will know how to start designing your own boards in Cadence OrCAD and Allegro 17.4 . For everyone who would like to learn Allegro Design Entry CIS and Allegro PCB Editor and also for everyone who has never ever designed any boards, but would like to learn how to do it. Enjoy!
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:34What you will learn
  • 01:33** Starting a new project **
  • 02:49Creating a component in OrCAD - Header
  • 04:17Drawing a schematic symbol in OrCAD
  • 05:52Adding Part number property to symbol
  • 06:50Creating resistor schematic symbol
  • 10:14Creating LED schematic symbol
  • 15:54** Drawing schematic in OrCAD **
  • 19:20Creating a through hole pad in Padstack Editor
  • 22:25Creating SMD pad for resistor
  • 25:05Creating SMD pad for LED
  • 26:33Creating a VIA in Padstack Editor
  • 28:08** Creating footprints in Allegro **
  • 29:25Creating footprint for header
  • 39:52Adding 3D model to footprint in Allegro
  • 42:14Creating LED footprint
  • 48:29Creating Resistor footprint in Allegro
  • 54:20Adding footprint to schematic symbol
  • 57:32Correcting symbol and updating schematic
  • 59:11Annotating schematic in OrCAD
  • 1:00:29How to fix missing footprint warning in OrCAD
  • 1:03:45Running DRC (Design Rules Check) in OrCAD
  • 1:04:32** Starting PCB in Allegro **
  • 1:06:05Changing board shape
  • 1:07:17Placing components into PCB in Allegro
  • 1:09:52Setting up rules in Allegro
  • 1:12:21Setting up PCB stackup in Allegro
  • 1:12:45Routing PCB in Allegro
  • 1:18:19Editing Schematic and importing the changes into existing PCB
  • 1:29:56Editing footprint and importing changes into existing PCB
  • 1:30:39Improving Silkscreen layer - Moving and Adding Text
  • 1:34:233D model of our PCB
  • 1:35:09Creating Views
  • 1:38:27Checking and fixing errors on PCB in Allegro
  • 1:41:04** Generating outputs for manufacturing **
  • 1:41:08Generating Gerber files
  • 1:49:17Generating NC Drill file
  • 1:50:19Printing Assembly Drawing layers into PDF
  • 1:51:25Printing any combination of layers in Allegro
  • 1:52:28Generating Pick and Place file
  • 1:53:07Printing Schematic in OrCAD
  • 1:54:21Generating BOM ( Bill of Material )
  • 1:55:47Download finished project
  • 1:56:20Online courses to learn about electronics