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Extended Kalman Filter Software Implementation - Sensor Fusion #4 - Phil's Lab #73

Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) implementation and practical considerations. Real-world, real-time implementation and demo on an STM32 microcontroller in C using accelerometer and gyroscope measurements. Part 4 (final) of sensor fusion video series.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:06Pre-Requisites
  • 01:53´Low-Level´ Firmware Overview
  • 07:00Axis Re-Mapping
  • 08:17Calibration
  • 09:42Filtering Raw Measurements
  • 12:12EKF Algorithm Overview
  • 14:11EKF Initialisation
  • 17:12EKF Predict Step
  • 19:26Matlab/Octave Symbolic Toolbox
  • 21:11EKF Update Step
  • 22:16Setting EKF Parameters
  • 23:26Debug Set-up and Tag-Connect SWD Probe
  • 24:05Live Demonstration
  • 26:29Practical Considerations