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Moving Average Filter - Theory and Software Implementation - Phil's Lab #21

Moving average filter theory (time domain, frequency domain, Z-transform, FIR, etc..) and software implementation on a real-time embedded system using an STM32 microcontroller and a barometric pressure sensor.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:37JLCPCB (LittleBrain PCB)
  • 01:36Content Overview
  • 02:02Movering Average (MA) Filter Overview
  • 02:31Calculating the Output
  • 03:15Relationship with FIR Filters
  • 03:49Properties (Frequency Response)
  • 04:05Z-Transform (2-Point and M-Point MA)
  • 05:12Frequency Response Analysis
  • 06:17FIR Filter Video
  • 06:36Software Implementation (STM32CubeIDE)
  • 09:00Live Demonstration (Raw vs Filtered Data)