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How to Design Your Own Chip? How to build your chip for free? It is possible (with Matt Venn)

Do you know how a chip is designed? Did you know there is a way to manufacture your own chip … and for free?
  • 00:00Intro
  • 02:19Open Lane
  • 06:14Efab
  • 10:08The Chip
  • 12:25The Boards
  • 13:16Hardware Description Language
  • 14:55Openlane
  • 17:34Output
  • 24:25Inverter
  • 26:25Single Drive Inverter
  • 34:45Macro
  • 37:45WS2812 Driver
  • 40:05Wishbone Bus
  • 40:35Matts Experience
  • 42:00Reverse Engineering
  • 42:35Barriers to Entry
  • 44:35Design Examples
  • 47:55Tool Chain
  • 50:30Chip Factory
  • 58:03The Timeline