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Mini 6-Layer Mixed-Signal Hardware Design Walkthrough - Phil's Lab #78

Walkthrough of double-sided assembly, 6-layer mixed-signal hardware design (overview, schematic, and PCB) of a digital signal processing board for audio. Tips and tricks along the way for schematics, PCB layout and routing, and manufacturing.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:03Hardware Overview
  • 05:35Power Supplies
  • 07:34STM32H7 MCU
  • 08:52Memory (SDRAM, QSPI FLASH, SD)
  • 10:26USB HS
  • 11:14USB C, RS485, ADC
  • 12:44Codec
  • 13:38Analogue Front-End (In/Out)
  • 16:02PCB Walkthrough
  • 22:41Manufacturing Files
  • 23:40PCBWay Ordering
  • 25:47Outro