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How to Design and Simulate PCB Antenna

Steps to create and simulate inverted F coplanar antenna in MATLAB Antenna toolbox. The PCB antenna from this video can be used for example for WiFi or Bluetooth. Explained by Giorgia Zucchelli from MathWorks.
  • 00:00What do you need and how to start
  • 03:26Results from simulation
  • 07:58Starting to design our own PCB antenna
  • 22:45Designing PCB antenna in code / script
  • 27:43Creating PCB in MATLAB by a script
  • 50:14Drawing PCB antenna in MATLAB PCB Antenna Designer
  • 1:12:33Simulating our finished PCB antenna
  • 1:20:50Exporting gerber files
  • 1:25:29Optimizer
  • 1:33:54Price